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Tennis elbow is a fairly common and well known injury which is caused by persistent stress on the elbow. Also known as lateral epicondylitis, this condition results in significant pain and swelling around the elbow. Virtually anyone who uses their elbows in a consistent fashion can fall victim to this condition, particular golfers, bowlers, gardeners, carpenters, and, of course, tennis players.

There are several quick treatments that can help reduce the pain and inflammation, such as ice packs or pain killers. However there are also several exercises which you can do to alleviate the pain and perhaps prevent yourself from getting tennis elbow in the future. These exercises help improve the flexibility and strength of the forearm, as well as stimulate adequate blood circulation which helps the healing process. If you do have tennis elbow already these exercises are highly beneficial but should be started out slowly and carefully to not aggravate the condition even further.

One very effective exercise is the ball squeezing exercise, which consists of holding a special squeeze ball which is fairly soft. The idea is to slowly squeeze the ball in order to rebuild the durability of the elbow so it will be able to withstand more intense weight exercises in the future. This exercise should be done for a few seconds each time, and repeated at least ten times a day.

There are also special stretching exercises which can be down for Tennis elbow, which are very important to do before beginning any kind of muscle exercise. You should spend some time extending you elbow and rotating it around a few times, nothing too strenuous; the idea is simply to explore the full range of motion of your elbow.

There are many effective strengthening exercises as well, try resting your forearm on the edge of a table with your palm facing downwards. Now hold a very small weight, about a pound, in the hand and bend the wrist downwards and straighten it, repeat this motion for about two minutes. You can also do the same exercise but with the palm facing upwards, just flex the wrist upwards and then lower it back down before repeating.

One last exercise requires you stand upright with arms held straight out. Attach weights to a stick with two pieces of rope so that they reach the ground, now roll the stick quickly so the rope is rolled up with it as your quickly rotate your wrists. Unroll the rope and repeat.

These exercises can all help prevent injury
and strengthen the joints around the elbow. Prevention is always a better way to go so if you are beginning a new tennis class or taking up golf for the first time, be sure to stretch and strengthen these important areas.
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Exercises for Tennis Elbow

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This article was published on 2010/12/11