Curing Tennis Elbow: Treat Your Sore Elbow Joint Right At Home

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The condition 'tennis elbow' in scientific terms 'lateral epicondylitis', can be irritating, uncomfortable, and, of course, painful. People who have this condition usually suffer from pain in the elbows as well as tender or sore elbow joint. If you suffer from tennis-elbow, there are home remedies you can try for curing tennis elbow, which are discussed below:

Remedy A: Rest your muscles.

One of the lateral epicondylitis treatments is for you to have enough rest, specifically rest your wrists, your fingers, and the muscles in your forearm. You see, when those muscles are strained, tennis-elbow may occur. By resting those muscles for a number of weeks, e.g. refrain from participating in sports, you can get relief from the symptoms of lateral-epicondylitis.

Remedy B: Wear a brace.

To prevent or speed up the reduction of pain in the elbows, it is also advisable for you to wear the so called counter force brace that is worn right around the forearm muscles, located just below your elbow. By wearing this kind of brace, you can still do activities that require twisting and grasping movements, while still curing tennis elbow.

Remedy C: Apply ice packs on the affected parts.

Another remedy to sore elbow joint, which is also part of the list of lateral epicondylitis treatments, is to apply an ice pack on the affected portions. Do this thrice a day in order for the swelling to subside. By using ice packs, you can also expect the pain in the elbows to be reduced significantly. Take note to leave the ice-pack on the injured portions for a maximum of 20 minutes only.

Remedy D: Do some stretching.

Engaging in stretching exercises (do not overdo it) is also recommended if curing tennis elbow is your goal. Daily stretches can avoid tendon tightening and stiffening, however, if you feel any pain when performing the exercises, better stop. You can then try stretching again after a couple of days but ensure that you're not overstretching.

Remedy E: Place a potato pack on the injured area.

Your sore elbow joint can also be treated through potato packs. You just have to bake some potatoes, place them inside a cloth, then, place on the affected muscles. Utilizing a potato pack regularly will eventually eliminate pain in the elbows.

Remedy F: Try aromatherapy treatment.

Some studies also show that curing tennis elbow can also happen through aromatherapy. Oils such as the Ayurveda oil can either be rubbed on the elbows or the affected body parts, or can be inhaled. Certain aromatherapy oils actually have pain killing properties, which is why they are considered lateral epicondylitis treatments.

Having a sore elbow joint can definitely hinder your performance of common physical activities such as lifting, grasping, bending, and so on. It is therefore a must that you search early for an effective cure for pain in the elbows. True, there are anti inflammatory and pain relief medications that you can take, but, they usually give only short term relief, plus, they can produce side effects. If curing tennis elbow, therefore, can be done through the home remedies shared in this piece, it is better for you to try these remedies instead of relying on artificial treatments.
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Curing Tennis Elbow: Treat Your Sore Elbow Joint Right At Home

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This article was published on 2010/10/02