Can A Chiropractor Help My Hockey Elbow?

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Hockey elbow is a term coined from a condition that begins on the outside of the elbow. This injury is instigated when the tendon muscles become inflamed at their point of attachment to the protuberance at the joint of the elbow, known as the epicondyle. Hockey elbow can be on the outside portion of the elbow, or the inside of the elbow. This injury has also been referred to as tennis elbow, or golfer elbow, but the medical term is known as Medial or Lateral Epicondylitis.

The actual causes of this common sports injury occurs when a specific activity requires reoccurring and consistent gripping of objects, such as a hockey stick. The constant vibrations that move up and down the hockey stick can also contribute, as the reverberations move up the stick into the side of the elbow, causing significant damage to the lateral portion of the elbow. Collegiate and professional competitors are more prone to this injury due to the continual strain and augmented intensity of a prolonged exercise. When left untreated, the condition can become so painful and severe that holding a plate or coffee cup becomes an arduous task.

In the world of sports injuries, the Chiropractor can be one of the most vital allies an athlete can have. Rarely do sports injuries, such as hockey elbow, heal on their own accord. It is imperative to find a chiropractic specialist who can determine the causes, severity and treatment methods required to promote restoration to the injury. Chiropractors can offer adjustments, Active Release Technique, ultrasounds, electrotherapy, trigger point therapies, stretching maneuvers, hot and cold treatments and exercises that can be completed at home.

A chiropractic specialty offered to men and women who have elbow injuries is known as a manipulation. This exercise can help improve the specific joints being affected, help the spine, stimulate alignment, relieve pain and increase motion. Gradual increase of manipulation can promote solid healing and revitalize normal movement and motion within the elbow tendons.

Regular visits to your chiropractor can help alleviate most painful sports injuries before they occur. Regular examination, manipulation, ultrasounds and stretching can stop many injuries before they become chronically painful and difficult to manage. No athlete wants to sit on the side-lines because a painful injury has removed them from their sport. Chiropractors can ensure that many of these injuries are attended to before they become untreatable.

Athletes who experience prolonged, consistent and repetitive movements should consult with their personal chiropractor on a regular basis to ensure longevity and success in their particularized sport. Frequent chiropractic visits offer much more than lose muscles and back massages. Becoming a proactive component of your health and remaining involved and attuned to your body and the care it requires will cut down on future injuries, prospective pain and add years to your athletic career. Don't wait until the injury has already formed and become an obtrusive part of your life and sports career.

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Can A Chiropractor Help My Hockey Elbow?

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This article was published on 2010/09/25